Traveling to Namibia From South Africa

When thinking about traveling to Namibia from South Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful desert scenery. The people are very friendly and hospitable and make for a wonderful trip. The country itself has a lot to offer tourists including scenery, history, culture, monuments and wildlife. The city of Mossel Bay is the capital city and there are many tourist attractions in the area as well as many interesting activities to participate in.

Most visitors begin their journey in the southern direction traveling through the beautiful Tsavo National Park. It is the largest park in all of Africa with a lot of space for bird watching and other nature adventures. You can begin your journey in the northwest through theele forest. This is a vast reserve with more than a hundred species of mammals, twenty different types of birds and reptiles among other creatures. There is also the Mossel Bay Interpretation Centre, which has a large amount of information about the surrounding area and some interesting facts about the country.

Another popular area is the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, which is known for the giraffes, antelopes and zebras among other local wildlife. When traveling to Namibia from South Africa, there is plenty of opportunity to photograph some amazing wildlife. Some popular hotspots include the Hluhluwe-Unfolozi Safari Park, the Hluhluwe-Kangaroo Farm and Hluhluwe Game Reserve. These parks have tours available for groups wishing to tour the area and participate in some or all of the activities.

While you are traveling to Namibia from South Africa, it is also possible to participate in some great adventure activities. Some of the best include trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro, mountain climbing, white water rafting, camping on one of the country’s numerous game reserves and mountain biking. The game reserve at the edge of the Tsavo National Park is also a great destination with many trophy deer to be seen. There are also exciting bungee jumping courses to be held in the national park.

The southern part of the country is home to many historic towns that are appealing to tourists. The main town is Durban and this is an important gateway into the reserve around Masiphumelele. It is also home to Umfolozi, the biggest city in Namibia. Umfolozi has been described as a medieval city with cobbled streets and a long barbed wire fence surrounding it. This serves as a security measure against intruders.

One of the most important cities in Namibia is Maun among other cities in the north. Maun is a beautiful beach resort on the Indian Ocean. While here you can indulge in swimming in its heated swimming pool or take part in activities including snorkeling and diving. This city is popular with tourists from all over the world especially those coming from Europe and America. While in Maun, you should take a bus or taxi to reach the airport as there are no direct flights from Namibia’s capital city of Blenheim. You will be able to find good accommodation in Maun.

As you are traveling to Namibia from south Africa, you will need to keep very careful records as customs officials at the border might decide to seize goods you have imported. There are several methods of entering the country from the border. You could hire a car, which is a safer option than travelling by foot. If you hire a boat to enter the country, you might be asked to leave the boat and give up your passport. Namibia is an extremely safe country but you still need to watch out for problems with the law.

When traveling to Namibia from South Africa, you can expect to encounter more traffic jams in Kijipsu, the capital city. Getting around the country will be much easier if you use public transportation. Buses in particular are very useful as they can pick you up from the airport and take you almost everywhere you want to go. The main roadways, however, remain well preserved so don’t be afraid to take a taxi to get around.