The Best Namibia Safari Tourism

Best Budget Namibia Safari Tour for 2021: With the recent events in South Africa, budget holidays in Namibia have become harder than ever. This is mainly due to the high prices of travel to the country, coupled with low season ticket offers from tour operators. But there is still a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Below are some great tips to get you started on the best journey possible in this beautiful country.

best namibia safari

Best Budget Namibia Safari Tour for All Visitors: Namibia is a great place for all types of tourists, including families and groups. Best budget Namibia Safari Tour for all visitors includes air transport to Blenheim, which is around forty miles away. A small group will also benefit from the local transport around Blenheim, which is an easy day trip. From here you can explore the surrounding area, ranging from desert to plateau scenery.

Best Budget Namibia Safari Tour for Families: Namibia has a number of family-friendly destinations. The family-friendly resorts in Namibia include the Okavango Delta, where families can relax, swim and play on the beaches. The scenery travel guide for this region explains the unique wildlife and vegetation of this region. One of the most popular destinations for a family friendly Namibia safari is the Selous Reserve, where visitors can hike and go through rich rainforests and experience bird watching.

Best Budget Namibia Safari Tour for Couples and Larger Groups: While you are on a smaller group tour, it may be easier to tailor-made your own private Namibia safari lodge or luxury Namibia safari tour. This allows you the flexibility and choice of more destinations and activities. With larger groups, you may want to consider a longer tour that includes visits to the game reserves in the southern part of the country. With the help of your travel guide and private Namibia tour guide, you can choose a more complicated destination and tailor-made your itinerary with time and budget in mind.

The Older Dunes of Namibia: This is another popular destination for adventure seekers. The dunes can be reached by road only, but horseback and also with bare feet. The Namibian law restricts any activity that touches the sand dunes but trekking through the dunes is permitted provided you are not treading over sensitive sand.

Best Choice of Transport From the Lusaka Airport: After arriving in Namibia, the easiest mode of transport to take is the minibus. You should note that the minibus service in Namibia is quite expensive because it is an expensive African nation. However, the transport service from the Lusaka airport to the main city of Majestic and Isidora is reasonably priced. When travelling to the east of Namibia, either by road or air, make sure that you contact your transport provider before embarking on your journey and book your transport from the airport.

Accommodation: When touring Namibia, the most important consideration is the quality of the accommodation available. A high quality accommodation is paramount when touring Africa, particularly in the west where desert conditions occasionally prevail. A good Namibian tour includes at least two meals and at least one overnight stay in either self-contained accommodation or traditional hotels such as lodge lodges.

Most Western Tourists prefer the lodge/ lodge option, as they provide excellent service and include all meals and drinks, although many lodges do not offer recreational facilities. Some lodges offer en-suite bathrooms, personal showers and private toilets. Many tourists also choose Namibian guest houses where they can pay in local currency and have their own personal space. Budget lodges are also popular with travellers due to their low prices and long distance transport links. However, budget lodge/ lodge option does not allow you the option of more adventurous tours such as white water rafting or bushwalking.