Sossusvlei – Namibia’s Most Popular Holiday Destination

Namibia, the South West Africa of Namibia is a wonderful destination for vacationers looking for an African adventure. It is located in the heart of Africa, midway between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Here you can find plenty of wildlife, deserts, lakes, waterfalls, and national parks, among other things.

sossusvlei namibia

It was around 300 B.C. that Sossusvlei, the capital of the long southerly Namibian coast was first settled by modern man. That city remained stable and secure until the famous ‘Battle of Fort No’. Here Julius Caesar defeated the tribal forces and finally took control of the coast.

The king of Sossusvlei was forced to flee, so he returned to Fort now and proclaimed it as his capital. Then he went north, where he ruled with a small band of supporters.

This coast would remain relatively undisturbed for the next four thousand years. It would stay out of the way of the marauding Bantu tribes who roamed from mountain ranges to desert to plateaus. At one point in history, the sea level dropped and a huge flood created the Zambezi River, the largest in southern Africa. This river carried across much of the land of Southern Africa, leaving few traces of man on this section of the continent.

However, in the nineteen seventies, mining brought industrial development to Southern Africa, and it did not take long for other countries to seek a share of this lucrative trade. By the late nineties, Sossusvlei was turning into a boom town, one of the hottest tourist destinations in Southern Africa.

You will find everything here, and that includes a wildlife reserve. The safari industry has enjoyed a great success with a number of new lodges and guest houses. The main attractions here are the national parks in the Okavango Delta, the fossil-rich Karoo Plateau, and the wonderful lakes of the Namib Desert.

The third largest land mass in the world, Southern Africa is very well suited for day trips. And those who love deep, mountainous landscapes should visit the Okavango Delta, which is the largest delta in the world. It has rich flora and fauna and is home to many game species.

Also nearby is the Karoo, a large area that was once covered in forests. The sandy beaches and the crystal blue waters of Lake Winnie are a sight to behold.

While visiting in winter is ideal, the weather is not as harsh in summer. The climate in Namibia is warm, and that gives the country a unique air. You will get to see that here in the west, where the desert is covered in green grass.

The Namibian landscape is like nothing else in the world and is beautifully varied, with many different types of plants and animals. For example, the different rills and creeks that run through the country provide a unique habitat for large herds of bison, antelope, and hippos.

There are also many national parks here that can provide stunning views of the surrounding scenery. It is a treat to watch these beautiful creatures sunbathe by the sea or stroll through the richly-forested hills.

People from all over the world come to Namibia to enjoy the natural wonders. A trip toSossusvlei is a true African adventure, and tourists usually stay in one of the many lodges and guest houses in the area. It is recommended to take flights to reach Namibia, as you will be spoiled for time before you arrive.