Namibia Hotels – Some Excellent Options

Namibia hotels are numerous and offer the best of the city living and relaxed comfort. The country is located between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, with the Zambezi River flowing through it. The coast and interior features mountains, national parks, desert and grasslands. Hotels in Namibia are the best place to enjoy a comfortable holiday.

There are plenty of hotels in Namibia, catering to different needs. For the discerning tourist, they offer luxurious rooms at reasonable rates. The hotels in Namibia have everything a discerning guest could want including gourmet food, sports facilities, spa centres, health clubs, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and more. The country has two international airports -Germany and Kenya. Both offer regular flights to major cities in the country. Flights from UK to Namibia are also available.

Dinarobin Hotel is located in Erongo. It is a contemporary hotel with an overlooking view of the sparkling Nile River. The rooms have comfortable queen sized beds and are furnished with modern amenities such as cable TV, internet and telephone. Complimentary Wi-Fi service is available in room. There is a complimentary parking space outside the front door of the hotel.

The Leorama Hotel is a modest hotel, which offers excellent facilities and hospitality. The hotel overlooks Lake Gaboroe. Luxury suites are available at affordable rates. The reception area has conference and meeting facilities. Room service is provided throughout the day and night.

The Tivoli Country Club Hotel is a luxurious hotel. It has facilities for fitness exercise, meeting rooms and a fitness centre. There is a spa, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant. The gym offers free weight sets, dumb bells and rope. Guests can make use of the sauna and steam baths. The hotel offers a complimentary continental breakfast.

The Le Royal Namibia Hotel is a comfortable hotel. It is located near Lake Nakuru. Business travelers can use the conference and meeting facilities. They can also make use of the restaurant, gym and library. Internet services and telephone access are available. Room service and swimming pool are available.

The Rosewood Hotel is a charming hotel. It offers good value for money. The rooms are comfortable with cable TV, hairdryers and internet access. Plush beds and high ceilings enhance the feel of this majestic hotel. Room service and local cuisine are available throughout the day.

The Grandeur Hotel is another luxurious hotel in Namibia. It has been built to international standards. Guests can make use of the restaurant, library, and meeting facilities. Room service and local cuisine are available throughout the day.

The Hope Hotel is an award winning hotel. This hotel caters to the business traveler. It offers modern business facilities along with comfortable amenities. Wi-Fi internet access, wireless safes and safari tours are some of the amenities available at the Hope Hotel. Large conference rooms, air conditioning and babysitting services are some of the other features that guests will enjoy at this fine Namibian hotel.

The Somerset Hotel is a traditionalist hotel. It is a popular resort with tourists and foreign nationals. Some of the guestrooms have swimming pools and bath houses.

The Halle’s Hotel is a great luxury hotel. Its location makes it a convenient destination for visiting colleagues or friends. Guest rooms have cable TV, hairdryers and internet access. Room service and babysitting are some of the other facilities available at this upscale hotel. Golf courses, tennis courts and an indoor pool are some of the other facilities that are on offer at this top Namibia hotels.

The Leela Beach Hotel is a quiet hotel which caters mainly to foreigners. Most of the guests at the Leela Beach Hotel are from Europe and the US. It has Wi-Fi internet access, telephone services and air conditioning. This hotel caters mainly to foreigners who are looking for peaceful accommodation in Namibia.

Guests staying at these Namibian hotels should ensure that they follow the guidelines and policies imposed by the hotel. Namibian law restricts discrimination of disabled persons in housing accommodations, employment, education and access to markets and shops. Namibia tourism officials are aware that the government will take action against those lodges and hotels which fail to implement the policies. These laws are in place in order to preserve Namibia’s diverse cultural heritage and discourage acts of intolerance.