Namibia Coast

Things to Do on Your Holiday in the Namibian Coast

Namibia is a fantastic country in Africa. It has an outstanding coastline, great shopping, exciting mountain experiences and a rich cultural heritage.

namibia coast

However, one of the best things about travelling to Namibia is the opportunity to experience first hand the incredible beauty of this gorgeous coastline. There are many beautiful places to explore and take picturesque excursions on the Namibian coast. Here are just some of the places you can visit in the Namibian coast.

The two main towns of Rustenburg and Windhoek are renowned for their amazing architecture, with different architectural styles reflecting their different cultures. These coastal towns were once trading centers, but have been preserved in the modern times to act as amazing tourism attractions. There are many interesting tourist places to visit, including museums, galleries and a zoo.

Your tour of the Namibian coast will begin in a small rural hilly area called the Bundaberg district. The Bundaberg area is famous for its myriad of walks that branch off of the bustling streets. In fact, this is a great place to start your tour. After a leisurely stroll down the streets of the district, make your way to the oldest building in the district, the Lomekwi Museum.

A visit to the water’s edge is a must for anyone who visits the Bundaberg area. This is where you will find an array of sites to explore. It also offers a great view of the south Namibian coast. The wildebeest migration is a mesmerizing sight, with thousands of animals ranging from numerous hippos to large herds of buffalo.

For the children, there are many interesting things to do while they are on holiday in the region. One such activity is fishing. You can catch bluefin tuna, cod or pollack in the river which runs through the Bundaberg district.

A visit to the animal life here will also be worth your while. Visit the Lion Park and marvel at the wide variety of big cats that call this area home.

Museums are another destination that is well worth exploring while you are on your holiday in the region. The Museum of Nature and Man is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in the history of Namibia. You will also enjoy the sights and sounds that are provided here.

If you have children, there are plenty of interesting exhibits to see while they are on holiday. The Eden Museum is a great place to spend time and take a tour around this city.

Another wonderful little town is Odderøy. This town provides an interesting blend of northern and southern African culture, offering a great opportunity to experience this culture by visiting the Odderøy Art Gallery.

Of course, many people are surprised to learn that a trip to Namibia is not complete without an easy evening stroll along the shore. There are numerous cafes that can be found along the coast, offering delicious local foods that can be enjoyed on a terrace or porch.

Finally, an afternoon out in the sunshine at the beach can be enjoyed by those who travel to Namibia. The coastal town of Windhoek has a lovely beach and many different restaurants and bars, many of which serve excellent food. You may even find yourself staying the night here to enjoy the peace and quiet of the evening hours.

Namibia Coast Holidays

Namibia is a charming small country on the shores of Africa. It’s the perfect base for those who want to discover the true African experience. You can see elephants, lions and zebras and, at the same time, enjoy a wonderful holiday in Namibia. Namibia is accessible by road, rail, air and sea and if you are planning a trip to the region then it’s a good idea to consider a vacation in Namibia and its surrounding areas.

namibia coast

When planning your holiday in Namibia, there are a number of things you will need to take into consideration. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you get a valid visa if you wish to stay for more than 90 days. Otherwise, you will be restricted from staying for any longer than the maximum time allowed.

Also, before you travel to Namibia you will also need to check out whether you will need a visa for your planned trip to this beautiful African country. You can get a free visa application form from the Namibian Embassy in your home country.

You may also want to take some Namibian-related items with you as souvenirs. These include souvenirs from all over Namibia including. You can get souvenirs from virtually every province or city on the Namibia coast.

There are plenty of places where you can stay while on holiday in Namibia. If you’re travelling to the east coast, you can book your accommodation in Marienwerder (or “Marine Drive”), which is approximately halfway between Windhoek City. You can find a wide variety of accommodation in Marienwerder such as beachfront hotels, guest houses, guest rooms and even some hotels and inns.

The north coast is one of the most visited regions on theNamibia coast. Here you will find beautiful beaches, stunning scenery and just as much wildlife as you would find in the south coast.

The southern part of the Namibia coast is probably the most populated and there are many options for accommodation. The various towns here include Windhoek City, Falmouth and Bloemfontein. Windhoek City is popular with those travelling between the Namibia coast and the Indian Ocean; the next largest town, Falmouth, is popular with visitors coming from the South West as it has plenty of beach and nightlife.

The beach lovers can go all the way to Bloemfontein, which is roughly four hours away from Windhoek City. Bloemfontein is the largest town on the southern Namibia coast and offers a lot of tourist facilities, including a sports centre, town hall and even a wildlife park. The town also has plenty of cheap accommodation and shops selling souvenirs.

Once you reach Namibia, the way to Windhoek City is on the coast road. It is about two hours long and you arrive in Windhoek by sea, by bus or by air and there is also a border crossing with Angola, in the other direction.

Another great destination on the Namibia coast is Cape Point. This is a place famous for its white sand and perfect weather. Cape Point is situated in a bay about four kilometres long and a kilometre wide and, although it is a long drive to get to the water, it is well worth the effort as the scenery here is magnificent.

For all visitors who want to visit Namibia and take advantage of all the fun and activities that Namibia has to offer, but do not have the means to make the journey by road. Then there are ways to get a tourist visa to stay in Namibia, especially if you are traveling to the African nation. You can visit their website, send a fax or ask the travel company in question to assist you in getting a visa.

The most important fact to remember when travelling in a foreign country is to respect their laws and customs. Be respectful of the African people and of their culture. Travelling around Africa is not only a good holiday experience, but also teaches us all something about ourselves.

An Adventure Holiday on the Namibia Coast

Namibia is known for its white sandy beaches and breathtaking landscapes. It is the only country in Africa where you can walk the coastline without stepping on rocks. An exciting cruise holiday in Namibia will have you walking alongside the water as you get to explore the many interesting attractions. To take a great holiday to this beautiful coastline, you can opt for a holiday package that has all the activities of a trip to Antarctica.

namibia coast

In Namibia, you can enjoy sights like one of the most scenic wonders of Africa, which is the Nabire coast. The coast is a beautiful view of one of the most spectacular coastline which stretches for about three hundred kilometers along the African continent.

Trekking to the wilderness is another activity that you can enjoy when you go on holiday in Namibia. If you want to enjoy some wilderness exploration, you can try to go on hiking through the wilderness or along the banks of the rivers where you can find wildlife. There are also national parks where you can have a pleasant camping adventure along with a guided tour.

You can also enjoy a trip on the safari so that you can enjoy seeing the creatures that inhabit the land where you travel experience in Namibia. Safari holidays in Namibia are organized by various tour operators. These tour operators will provide you with tents that will be delivered on your departure date from the airport.

There are also other exciting activities that you can take part in such as canoeing and biking through the beautiful terrain that lies beside the Namibian coast. At this time, you should always take along water with you so that you can have a comfortable stay.

Another interesting activity is that of taking part in the elephant safari. You can also join in the white water rafting that is offered on the popular Elephant safari tours that are offered throughout the year. The tourists will be provided with inflatable boats to travel on the river and they will be able to take part in a safari that is filled with excitement.

Most of the adventure vacation packages will have activities that include biking or trekking to the wilderness. However, there are also other activities such as scuba diving, kayaking and sailing. It is a great idea to check out some online sources where you can find the best deals on adventure holidays to Namibia.

The cheap adventure activities in Namibia will also include adventure activities such as the excursion to snorkeling. This excursion is a great opportunity for you to experience the underwater world.

For adventure tourism in Namibia, you will also get cheap cruises that offer you great cruises that will include a stay on the coastline. The cruises will offer you the chance to explore the clear waters of the Namib desert as well as the different bird life and waterfalls.

A final adventure holiday in Namibia would be to experience kayaking. This is a wonderful activity that allows you to explore the vast open seas that lie along the Namib desert.

There are also many other ways of taking part in the adventurous activities such as climbing the mountain or exploring the tropical rainforests. You can also have an adventure holiday in Namibia that includes what is known as safari tours.

The adventure holiday in Namibia will enable you to have a fantastic time that will last for a lifetime. All you need to do is book the travel deal that offers you all the services that you need including the adventure holidays.

The Best Holidays In Namibia Coast

Namibia is one of the many African destinations that attract visitors from around the world. The South West African country is well known for its colourful cultures, intriguing geography and some of the most diverse landscape. From Cape Town, South Africa, to the Indian Ocean’s Great Rift Valley, Namibia is a country that is always a treat for anyone willing to explore. The holidays in Namibia can range from a day trip to a week long stay.

One of the best ways to enjoy a holiday in Namibia is to head south from Cape Town and spend a few days in Gansbaai. This is the main summer resort, and is home to the Gansbaai Discovery Coast. This diverse coastline is peppered with breathtaking white sand beaches, villages and canoes. Make sure you look out for the famous Santa Rosa Tram and take advantage of the comfortable, cost-effective transport services that dot the holiday strip.

The coastal region of South West Africa is incredibly beautiful. This region is truly representative of South Africa and is a must see for any visitor. However, a visit to the larger towns such as Windhoek or Vaal Bay is worth considering.

The Greater Western Desert covers almost four hundred thousand square kilometers and is inhabited by people who still preserve some of the European heritage in their native languages. The desert receives some of the most spectacular views of the entire Namibia coast. During your holiday here, look out for the sights of Boma National Park, and the mountainous landscapes surrounding Johannesburg.

The major towns on the Namibia coast include Windhoek and Vaal Bay. While visiting these places, you will also want to visit the great desert of Diamantina. This town was used by the British during the First World War as a prisoner of war camp. As a result, it boasts some of the most interesting buildings in Africa.

The Karoo is perhaps Africa’s most famous and widely regarded as a tourist attraction. Over two million tourists come to see this large, dry desert region, which includes an incredible flora and fauna. Visit the Karoo and spend a day driving through the various bogs and finding out more about the local people. After you return home, make sure you visit Dali, in the Free State.

The Namib Desert is one of the most incredible areas to explore in South Africa. Although Namibia has never been the destination of choice for any sort of archaeological or historical fact finding expedition, the deserts are full of history. Take a trip to the Namib Desert to discover the remains of prehistoric man and nature.

The Mount Kilimanjaro, home to one of the tallest peaks in Africa, is the most unique terrain that can be found anywhere in the world. Despite being an uninhabited continent, the whole of this part of Africa is populated by people. This is why you can spend your holiday in one of the many towns on the Namibia coast.

The Transvaal represents two completely different perspectives on life. The Cape and Southern Transvaal are dominated by the natural beauty of the land and sea, but the Western Transvaal is well known for its unique architecture. Both the Eastern and Western Transvaal are well worth a visit, and you should be able to find a beautiful spot that suits your tastes.

If you wish to get away from the busy cities and explore Africa in all its lush beauty, the Kalahari Desert is your best bet. This desert area covers nearly eight hundred thousand square kilometers and covers everything from the rocky heights of the mountains to the bleakest deserts. The Kalahari in particular is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country. It’s a fantastic place to take the family, and an excellent holiday idea if you’re in the South West African Region.

When planning your holiday accommodation, remember that accommodation is available to suit everyone’s budget. A fully-equipped luxury lodge will serve to provide you with first class service, while a small group trip would be ideal for families on a budget. Take some time to consider the different types of lodges available in Namibia, and the cost of them. Some lodges have onsite facilities and others provide their guests with catered meals.

Great Travel Ideas For Your Holiday in Namibia

It is easy to get a lot of great deals on holiday in Namibia. You can see the coastline, water and the landscapes and you can spend some quality time with your family and friends. The golden beaches, exotic wildlife and wonderful surf and sun make for an amazing holiday.

namibia coast

Namibia has a long and colourful history, dating back more than 100 years. It has had many wars and revolts against its white settler overlords but the beautiful scenery, the local culture and the wildlife have kept it relatively stable. The country was a British protectorate until 1994 and this has made its people more open to outsiders. It is possible to see the British military presence from a number of places along the coast and the country is still known as a haven for safaris.

However, Namibia’s riches are equally enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike. With some of the most stunning golden beaches, wide sandy beaches and great surfing waves, this is a perfect place to take a holiday away from the modern world. There are some great deals available as well, for camping, sailing and diving but there are also many other activities you can do.

Many people travel to Namibia to visit the breathtakingly beautiful coastline. Namibia is a truly beautiful country with unique geographical features such as rolling hills, valleys and coastal plains. It is one of the few countries in the world where the coast is split into two by a causeway.

There are a number of ways to see the incredible beaches of Namibia. There are a number of professional companies that offer tours all year round and they can be tailor made for your needs. These companies include visitors who have travelled to Namibia before and who may have great recommendations. You can also book from online sites as well.

One of the best things about visiting Namibia is that you will find that the resources are just about limitless. There are a number of important destinations where you can go bird watching or snorkelling. You can also go sailing and scuba diving.

One of the most popular parts of the country to visit is the Namibia Coast. A large number of tourists choose to stay in fishing villages which are located along the coastline and this gives you the opportunity to see many varieties of wildlife and plant life. The villagers welcome you with hospitality and provide excellent local food and culture.

The views from the Namibia Coast are simply spectacular. The beaches are huge and there are some great beachside restaurants and bars that you can take advantage of. You can also take part in tours and there are a number of great hotels available in this area too.

Other activities include walking the beaches with the different bird species, swimming, snorkelling and diving. You can fish and hunt for a variety of animals on the beach and you can even watch a whale. If you wish, you can take a helicopter tour of the coastline.

There are many different reasons why tourists flock to Namibia. One of the reasons is the fact that many tourists like to go back each year to see the improvements made to the beaches. Because of the high number of tourists, the services on offer have improved considerably and there are new facilities that you can enjoy.

You can either go for a day trip to the Namibia Coast or you can stay in a resort and enjoy the activities and facilities of a holiday. There are many resorts that provide all the facilities that you might need during your holiday and they provide a range of activities such as swimming, diving, hiking and horse riding. For those who prefer the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, there are a number of natural spots that you can visit on your holiday in Namibia.

The Namibia Coast is well worth a visit during your holidays to Namibia. Not only does it offer some stunning scenery, but the local wildlife is great. No matter which way you go, whether on your own or as part of a group holiday, you will not be disappointed.