Namibia Beach Resorts

Namibia beach resorts offer many of the best beaches in Africa. Many tourists visit Namibia every year to experience a diverse and exciting destination. Namibia offers beautiful scenery, some of the best diving in Africa and many amazing golf courses.

namibia beach

Namibia, a colorful country in south east Africa, is marked by the stunning Namib Desert on its Atlantic Ocean coastline. The interior country is home to varied natural wildlife, including an important cheetah population. The capital, Windhoek, contains distinctive German colonial-style buildings including the Christuskirche, which was built in 1907. In the north, Etosha National Park includes salt pans used by local tribes for cooking and bathing.

Windhoek is a thriving tourist destination and is a popular Namibia beach resort. The city is divided into two parts, with the old city to the south and the new city to the north. There are some amazing white sand beaches in Windhoek and the Okavango Delta. Golf courses at the Okavango Golf Course provide a challenging course, whilst Windhoek Beach is well laid back and there are sandy beaches.

Kigali is another popular Namibia beach resort and is a well kept secret amongst travelers to the country. The beach is surrounded by tall grass and offers a unique safari experience. The desert can be viewed from within the black sand dunes. There are plenty of water sports on the beach including snorkeling, swimming and boating.

Morea Bay is one of the most popular Namibia beach resorts and is found on the southwest coast. It is known for its coral reefs and friendly local people. Most hotels are mid to high rise and offer a variety of accommodation options. Sandwiched between the Namibian mainland and the Gulf of St. Vincent, Morea Bay is one of the premier places to stay while in Namibia.

The Orange Farm Golf Club is a small but charming beach resort situated in the southwest of the country. There are no golf clubs in Namibia but this hotel has an indoor golf range. You can enjoy a game of golf after dinner or a romantic meal with a few friends over coffee. There are a couple of guest houses, pubs and restaurants in the area and some of them offer Wi-Fi internet access.

The Willemstad Lodge is a private residential beach resort with its own private swimming pool. It is also home to a fitness center, meeting rooms and a restaurant. You can choose to eat at the residence or eat at one of the guest houses and restaurants that are found around the resort area. Some hotels include basic amenities like toiletries, hot water and cable television in the price of booking.

The Murchison Beach Resort is another small beach resort in Namibia. It is situated near the city of Murchison and is ideal for families. Most hotels near the coast offer Wi-Fi internet access and air conditioning. There are a couple of guest houses and restaurants located in the area.

The Tugun Guest House is a small beach resort near Tugun. It offers basic amenities such as Wi-Fi internet access, refrigerator, bathrobe and TV. Most of the guest houses located in the resort area have Wi-Fi internet access. A restaurant that serves international dishes is also available.

Some of the resorts in Namibia feature ocean views, barbecue grill areas and swimming pools. These resorts also offer luxurious amenities such as heated swimming pools, sauna facilities, tennis courts and golf courses. Hotels in the area provide common amenities such as laundry, health clubs, restaurants and bars. Some Namibian hotels have bars and nightclubs that have live entertainment. The Barangay, the amphitheater-style hotel, has an outdoor swimming pool.

The Murchison Beach Resort is a Namibia beach resort that caters to foreigners. The resort features conference facilities as well as a business centre. Business meetings are frequently organized, and conferences are regularly held. The Murchison Beach Resort is one of Namibia’s premier beach resorts. Tour operators can arrange flight arrangements to reach the resort.

There are several Namibia beach resorts that are popular among visitors. Many of these resorts have modern amenities and services, and many include restaurants and bars. Resorts that cater to foreigners are often located in safer parts of the country. Tourists may choose from a variety of resorts, depending on their budget and what they want to do while in Namibia. The best time to visit Namibia is the end of June to the beginning of September.