lodge Namibia – A Wonderful Place to Spend Your Vacation

Namibia is a great destination for holiday makers, especially those looking for an African adventure. It has beautiful scenery, spectacular views, cool climate, good food and some of the best golf courses in the world. The country is also famous for the huge game reserves and national parks it has. It’s home to one of the largest populations of lions in Africa, including the big five – stripes, black, yellow, white and leopard.

lodge namibia

Namibia is a safari playground. You can go hiking, biking, horse riding, trailing through the bush, taking a dip in the hot spring, camping, swimming and playing in the wildlife. There are different types of accommodation available, depending on how adventurous you want to get. If you want something a little more cosy, then the lodge is the perfect place for you.

When planning your trip to Namibia, you’ll need to choose accommodation facilities that suit both you and your budget. The lodge itself can vary from luxury guest houses to lodges that are more modest. If you’re travelling with family or friends, then a lodge might be the best idea. There are many Namibian guest houses that are both stunningly beautiful and perfectly secluded. Many feature their own private pool, garden and outdoor swimming pool so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

A more modest guest house might have less formal amenities. However, it still offers all the charm of a traditional lodge. Most feature a log lodge with rooms or apartments, as well as private swimming pools and gardens. There will usually be a kitchen with fully equipped modern kitchen. Some lodges will have a barbecue and outdoor dining.

Another alternative is to stay at a private gated community. It can be perfect for those who wish to experience the true Namibian culture. Here, you will be pampered and catered to. Namibian culture encompasses stunning mountain lodges, beach holidays and top-notch restaurants. Most have private pools, gardens and swimming pools and feature a selection of fine dining restaurants.

Another option is to stay in one of the many Namibian hotels. Namibia is known for its luxurious resorts and hotels. There are many luxurious resorts and hotels in the country. They are generally located near popular tourist spots and within short driving distance from most of the main cities.

One final option would be to stay in an accommodation that is self-catering. This is ideal for anyone who wishes to live away from the madding crowd. Self-catering accommodations allow you the freedom to explore the natural beauty of the country. They also offer great value for money and allow you to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and wildlife more.

When planning your trip to Namibia, it’s important to take all of these options into consideration. Your accommodation, shopping, activities and wildlife viewing experiences should all be carefully planned so that you can fully appreciate all that Namibia has to offer. With the right accommodation and travel planning you can truly put Namibia on the map as a great holiday destination.

A lodge in Namibia is a great option for any traveller. You can choose a beautiful location where you can stay comfortably and explore the surrounding landscape, take part in exciting activities and still remain close to modern amenities such as restaurants, shops and banks. If you’re seeking a place to get away from it all, a lodge is ideal. They provide all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay, as well as providing a wonderful location to explore the amazing country of Namibia.

The Namibian lodge experience is varied. There are lodges situated along the coast, offering magnificent beach views and tranquil surroundings. Some are nestled in the stunning mountain valleys, while others are located far from the hustle and bustle of the city. One lodge in particular stands at the very top of the country, offering breathtaking views over the incredible landscape and the crystal waters of the Namibian coastline. It is also right in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Namibia, Lake Nakuru.

You’ll find many activities and tours available when you stay at a lodge in Namibia. One of the best things about this country is that it is perfect for those interested in the arts and crafts. There are lodges which offer courses and workshops for all levels of skill. You can learn how to create beautiful artwork, handcrafts and jewellery. This is one of the few countries in Africa where you don’t need a visa to bring in your own raw materials.

Namibia’s deserts are also another attraction. One of the country’s must-do experiences is to visit the desert – journeying across the Washburn Range in a hot air balloon. Or going on a tour of the Zulus. And don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty of Namibia’s lakes, rivers and sand dunes. A lodge in Namibia will give you all the space and freedom to enjoy the experience.