Just Holidays in Namibia

just holidays namibia

Just Holidays in Namibia

Namibia is an enchanting country, a land of endless landscapes, natural attractions and beautiful beaches, where you can stay in just holidays Namibia. There is something for everyone here, with some amazing accommodation options.

The country of Namibia is the largest desert state in Africa, with large chunks of the country literally covered in sand. This makes it an ideal holiday destination, with stunning scenery on all sides, and great desert hiking and camping opportunities. With a wealth of flora and fauna as well as the many wildlife species, you will love spending your holidays here.

It’s possible to get just holidays in Namibia to be based at one of the many small towns scattered across the country, which are full of activities to do. For example, there are museums, historic buildings and the wildlife sanctuary of the Okavango Delta, which is home to a variety of animals including the hippo.

If you are a keen fisherman, you will love staying in just holidays in Namibia. The waters around here are teeming with fish, and you will be able to catch some really fantastic fish. You can also go diving to see some of the underwater life, or enjoy the stunning sunsets over the horizon from the sandy beach front.

When it comes to mountain biking, you won’t find anything like Namibia! You will find some amazing terrain to ride through, including some of the most challenging mountains in the world. If you are new to cycling, it’s best to hire the services of an experienced mountain biker who can show you the ropes.

Just holidays in Namibia offer visitors the opportunity to sample a range of food that is often served at some of the world’s most beautiful restaurants, which are a real treat when eating outdoors. Take a tour to the local areas of the country and sample some of the local delicacies, and get ready to have a wonderful time while enjoying the scenery, fresh air and great cuisine.

The country’s geography makes it perfect for trekking, as there are some amazing and challenging mountain ranges to climb. The most popular trekking routes in the country start from the Cape Town area and go on to the Okavango Delta region.

Just holidays in Namibia offers plenty of other great activities, so don’t feel that you’re missing out if you don’t want to do much hiking, mountain biking or boating! – you can still have a great time!

There are holiday villa rentals available in the coastal areas, where you will be able to experience the real Namibian ambiance for your stay. There are many different beaches to choose from, and you can choose between ones that are shallow and flat, and ones that are high up on cliffs and offer great views. Of course, the best beach is the one with the longest stretch of white sand and no tourists around! Take a day trip and get to this beach and enjoy it whilst relaxing in the sun and sipping cocktails in a bar.

This game reserve is also a great place to experience the natural wildlife. There are several different species of wildebeest to spot here, and you will be able to feed a number of them with your own cooking and hunting techniques.

If you love bird watching, this nature reserve will have many species of birds you will be able to spot. These are not native to the Namibian area, and there are also birds that are indigenous to the area, including the Namaquli, which are unique subspecies to this part of Namibia.

A number of these bird species are migratory, meaning they only come back to the same place for the winter and summer months. It’s also possible to find African penguins, which can be spotted on a number of beaches in the area.

The Okavango Delta area is home to a number of different birds that are unique to this part of the country, including the African penguin, the Okavango Delta Turtle, the Northern Pied Boas, the Waterfowl, the Macaws, the Ibis and a variety of other birds. This natural reserve is home to a wide variety of water animals, such as the hippo.