Fourx4 Namibia – How to Take Your Driving Lessons

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Fourx4 Namibia – How to Take Your Driving Lessons

Fourx4 Namibia is one of the largest and fastest growing 4WD clubs in South Africa. Located at the heart of South Africa’s biggest gold rush region, Fourx4 Namibia is a club that caters for the experienced and beginner drivers alike.

The reason for this growth is due to four new 4WD clubs opening up in the region, including the first 4WD club in Namibia. Fourx4 Namibia is the only club in this country with an established national championship, called the “Nemo Jeans” Championship. As well as this, Fourx4 Namibia has been organising a series of off road and desert tours, all of which are taught by professional drivers who have had their driving licence for over twenty years. You can also join the Club’s off road tours if you want to go off road!

If you are thinking of joining Fourx4 Namibia, then the first step to taking your driving lessons is to take your Namibia registration and licence to one of the club’s many training centers. Once there, you will be given a safety briefing to familiarise you with all of the vehicles they have on hire and the rules and regulations associated with them. If you have questions about anything related to driving, then your questions will be answered by staff, including driver’s education teachers and vehicle mechanics.

Once you have taken your safety and licensing training, the next thing to do is to head to one of the Club’s many 4X4 Namibia off-road adventures, which are held every few months. These tours allow you to experience the real wilderness that lies in this region, where you will have to drive long distances over rough terrain in all sorts of weather conditions. The only way to complete these trips is by hiring one of the many off-road vehicles that Fourx4 Namibia has on rent.

The courses at the Fourx4 Namibia training center are designed to give you a solid foundation in all areas of driving that you will need to be successful on your journeys and adventures. There is an open range course for you to learn how to drive on the Namibian plains, which includes the long stretch of highway that runs through the Namibian desert.

Once you have successfully completed your safety and licensing course, you can take your Namibia license and join one of their many fourx4n Namibia tours, which provide you with the opportunity to drive across the plains in an open range car or through the desert. All fourx4 Namibia tours are led by professionals, so they ensure that you get the experience of driving under real, harsh conditions in an authentic, open range car that is not easily simulated in simulation.

Fourx4 Namibia also offers a regular series of Namibian desert tours, which allow you to drive in the Namibian deserts. The club’s Deserts of Namibia tours are great for people who are looking for a little bit of adventure, without the need for a simulator. During these desert drives you will be driving through stretches of sand dunes and rolling hills, where you can enjoy some real driving fun.

If you have not yet taken part in a tour or adventure, then take your Fourx4 Namibia membership card to any fourx4 Namibia club to find out about any courses that are available in your area. The more courses you know about, the easier it will be for you to plan a trip of a lifetime. Once you know exactly what you need to do, then you can simply visit any of the Club’s training centers and sign up to take the course you are interested in, whether it is off road driving desert driving or a longer tour of the plains!