Best Time to Travel to Namibia

Within the dry grass season, which, by the way, is technically the best time to travel to Namibia, there are essentially two different regions. You will get to experience the best summer weather in Africa, which is when the nation really comes into its own. In between these two seasons, which one is best to go to? It’s up to you.

If you go to Namibia from April to June, there are usually several tourists going to the country. This means that the beaches are quite crowded during this time, and things can get a little hectic. You should therefore avoid travelling during the dry season. The dry season is between April and in April, so try and schedule your trip sometime between those dates. This will give you the best time to travel to Namibia.

If you are looking for the best time to travel to Namibia during the high season, then the best times are between March and May, or between September and October. The high season is usually very hot, which is something that all visitors to Namibia should avoid. However, the summer can also be quite hot and humid, which is also another draw to visiting Namibia during the high season. Between the two seasons, June and December are the off peak months, which is when most of the tourist traffic is at its busiest.

There are four main islands in Namibia – Kergera, Mafia Islands, Vanuata and Axembes. These islands are best visited between March and May. Between September and October, the tourist season changes to December, so you might want to visit then. If you travel in the summer, it is recommended that you avoid visiting the island of Kergera, which is on the south east side of the island.

When planning your route for your trip to Namibia, you need to decide which season you would like to visit. If you want to visit in the summer months then you can choose to go north up through the Serengeti National Park, or you can go south from the coast. The coast, which is on the northern side of Namibia is a lot less crowded than the one on the southern side. The best time to travel to Namibia in the summer months is from late spring to mid summer. If you are looking to visit in the winter, then the months from March to mid-April are the best months. In addition, the summer months offer some good wildlife and bird watching.

The winter months offer some good opportunities to view some wild animals in the national park. The best time to travel to Namibia in the winter months is from October to March. This is also when the dry season is at its finest. In addition, the migration of wildebeests can be seen in the months between June and August, giving you a great chance to see them in their natural habitat.

The best time to travel to Namibia in the month of April is the end of the summer season. The months of April and November are the best time to visit Namibia as the temperature is perfect for wildlife viewing. Traveling to Namibia in the summer months is also possible, however, it may be quite difficult due to high temperatures. It is possible to go to Namibia in the month of April, but you must take precautions, since there is a risk of being bitten by animals during this season. The months of November and may be quite hot, but do not expect to visit Namibia during these months since most wildlife is at its mating season.

The best time to travel to Namibia in the dry season is between June and August. The months of June and July can also be quite hot, but it can be a bit humid in the evening. The rainy season can be a bit unpredictable, but can provide excellent opportunities to see game and other wildlife at their most natural habitat. Traveling to Namibia during the rainy season can also provide some of the best wildlife opportunities, especially if you are accompanied by a local guide who knows the tracks and locations of the different parks and national parks. Whether you choose to visit Namibia in the wet season or the dry season, the unique and beautiful African wildlife is sure to captivate your heart and soul, just wait till you get to Namibia!