A Great Place For Nature Lovers

Namibia vacation packages are perfect for those who love the unique landscape of Africa. The beautiful continent of Namibia is known for its deserts, wildlife, flora and fauna and its amazing geology. It is home to many animals including the elephant, the giraffe, the hippo, the lion and many more. In order to see these amazing animals you will need to go on a safari to Africa. Going on a safari is a great way to get to see the beautiful landscape, the different wildlife, the beautiful people and the numerous geologist sites that make up this amazing country.

One of the main attractions of the Namibia tourist and travel industry is its fabulous natural wonders. A large portion of Namibia’s geography is made up of desert and most of the country is made up of mountain ranges. There are also numerous national parks in Namibia. These parks provide tourists with the opportunity to see amazing geology, fauna and flora. There are also several famous natural wonders in Namibia, including the Zulus’ huge sand dunes and the windfalls in Kerinjoji.

Tourists traveling to Namibia will want to explore the beautiful coastline of the nation. The coast of Namibia is known for its coral reefs, many islands and even the beautiful national park known as the Moremi National Park. One of the most popular activities in Namibia is boating on the coast. One can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, fishing and other water sports while traveling on the coast.

A must see in Namibia is the Zulu Desert. The Zulu are the indigenous people of Namibia and are still preserving their cultures. The Zulus’ desert is the world’s largest desert park. Travelers traveling to Namibia should not miss the opportunity to visit the desert. The biggest attraction here is the “Big Dunes”. This is a tourist attraction located on the eastern part of the Zulu Desert.

Southern Africa is a popular destination for tourists. There are many places of interest to see in Durban, including the world-renowned Victoria Falls. The southern most region of Africa also boasts many national parks and ecotourism areas. The karanga woodlands, wildebeest migrations and the desert all offer visitors a unique experience.

Southern Africa is another popular destination for tourists who travel to Namibia. The coastal city of Cape Town is home to the famous Kruger National Park. Here one can view thousands of wild animals like hippos, elephants and buffalo. Other popular wildlife destinations include the Atiakhwe Game reserve, the Selous and the Okavango Delta. The northern region of the country also boasts numerous national parks and reserves where visitors can enjoy game viewing and birding.

Namibia’s deserts, equatorial rains, lakes and rivers make it a country with a lot to offer. The dunes of the Namibian desert provides tourists with a unique experience in the world. It is better to visit this region during the dry season, as visiting during the wetter seasons will result in you being in the hot desert sun. The Namibian tall grassland and low lying deciduous trees also make this a good destination for wildlife holidays. Bird watching aficionados and nature enthusiasts will be pleased with the variety of bird species that can be seen in the Namibian wilderness.

Namibia’s largest city, Windhoek is home to huge quantities of tourists who come to see the fossilized trees of the world. Windhoek is also the headquarters of Namibia’s national tourism development agency “Namibian Cultural Heritage”. It is better to book your Namibian tour package to include Windhoek as one of your destinations. This is because the town has a well developed tourist infrastructure with hotels, restaurants, shops and tourist attractions. There are plenty of flights to Windhoek everyday so you will have no problem getting there for your trip to Africa.