A Free Download Can Be Your Ticket to Trekking Around Namibia

A Lonely Planet Africa visit is the perfect way to see some of the most beautiful country in Africa. The colourful wildlife of Namibia is simply amazing. Many visitors come back year after year to see all that is has to offer including the famous Zebra National Park and the Hluhluwe-Unfolozi Safari Centre. This article is about all that you need to know before booking your trip to Namibia.

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There are several travel guides to African destinations written in Zambia and the greater southern African region. However, my favourite African destination remains Nambia in the Indian Ocean. Travellers who have made a trip to Zambia and Southern Africa know how incredible this place is, but few know about the splendour and beauty that are Namibia. A visit to this country is like taking a journey into another world.

One of the best things about Namibia is its scenery. My personal favorite is the scenery around French Polynesia. A must-see stop on any Namibian safari is French Polynesia; this is where the French and British explorers first laid claim to the Namibian islands. My favourite photograph of French Polynesia is of the dessert around Cape St. John (this is the west coast of Namibia).

As with all coastal areas in South Africa, French Polynesia has great beaches. I particularly enjoy the beach between Dieppe and Cape St. John; it’s a long strip of white sandy beach that is completely unspoiled. Another excellent beach is Kaalba Island, which is well protected by the coast guard. This island is the perfect spot for snorkelling; many divers from all over the world visit this place each year. Finally, the eastern coast of French Polynesia offers some beautiful scenery, with palm trees lined up on either side of sandy beaches.

If you like wild animals, then you definitely need to check out Cape Town, New Zealand’s oldest city. Cape Town is home to the world famous Table Mountain and it’s also the home of the famous Springboks, who are easily found in the national park just north of Cape Town. The best way to get to Cape Town is by road, as it’s quite an arduous task to walk from the southern tip to the central part of the city. However, if you’re feeling especially brave, a rented bike can take you almost all the way.

The New Zealand culture is another important aspect of my free download travel guide to Namibia, especially since it’s quite difficult to discuss New Zealand culture without mentioning the famous tourist attractions in New Zealand like Willowbank Wildlife Sanctuary, Lake Wanaka and the Franklin expedition base. The Willowbank Wildlife Sanctuary is a very popular attraction, with more than 200 different species of wildlife photographed and numerous displays and activities to see. Lake Wanaka is a world-famous swimming pool, known for its wonderful underwater caves and other interesting geological formations. The Franklin expedition base is certainly a must-see site, with its adventurous tramway ride around Cape Reinga, the largest inland mountain in the country.

I’ve often considered Namibia’s golden triangle as the perfect African safari trip, especially because the triangle contains three of the best destinations in Africa: Kilimanjaro, Kenya’s most famous mountains; Ngorongoro crater, the biggest volcanic structure in Africa; and Cape Town, the biggest city in South Africa. All three destinations offer a wide variety of things to do, with safaris ranging from horseback riding, trekking, camping, photography, bird watching, beach leisure and game viewing. One of my favorite things to do while on a safari in Namibia is to hike. Hiking allows you to see the true diversity of the landscape, to observe local wildlife, and to experience the solitude of nature. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and are planning a trip to Namibia, I highly recommend downloading a free download of the Horse Adventures Guide to the Great Migration.

There’s also no need to break the bank when planning your trip to Namibia. Namibia is one of the most affordable countries to visit, especially when considering accommodation and transport. You can easily spend more than $1000 on hotels and accommodation, but with a free download of the Horse Adventures Guide to the Great Migration, you can easily save a ton of money! The horseback riding, camping, and wildlife treks won’t break the bank either. As I said, a free download can put you into the shoes (literally!)